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The following is a list of  the principal city ordinances the Carlisle Police Department is charged with enforcing:

CO-38A  Skating on Sidewalks
CO-42A  Bicycles and Wheeled Vehicles on Sidewalks
CO-46  Peddling Ordinance
CO-91  Traffic Regulations
CO-130  Hazardous Operation of Motor Vehicles
CO-169  Trucks on Streets - Other Traffic Regulations
CO-187  City Parks & Rec Facilities - Hours of Operation
CO-190  Regulations on Use of Airport Runways and Taxiways
CO-233  Juvenile Curfew
CO-246  Code Enforcement and Nuisance Properties
CO-259  Noise Regulations and Fireworks
CO-260  Animal Regulations
CO-261  Firearms Regulations
CO-268  Fireworks Amendment to Noise Ordinance
CO-294  Amends CO-260 to Ban Keeping of Pit Bulldogs and Similar Breeds within City Limits


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